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South African Budget Safari Lodges

Recommended Budget Lodges in South Africa

There is no denying that staying at a safari lodge is not cheap.  However, as specialists in South African safaris, Travel Butlers are able to offer a wide range of budget safari lodges to help you find the safari you want at a price that fits.

So what's the catch? Well, there really isn't  one, however it is worth considering a couple of things when deciding if a budget safari lodge is right for you.

Accommodation & Meals

The accommodation at all of these lodges is clean and comfortable, although you will not be surrounded by as many luxuries that the more expensive safari lodges will offer. The rooms will all have en-suite bathrooms, and most of them have plenty of charm and African character. 

When looking at the prices of the lodges, please keep in mind that all meals and game drives are included in the price.

It is probably fair to say that the food will tend to be simplier than in some of the more expensive lodges, but a  good steak cooked on a braai (a South African BBQ), served with a salad and eaten under the stars on a warm night can sometimes be the most perfect meal imaginable.

Male lion in the afternoon sun.Safari Experience And Location Of The Lodge

Very few of the cheapest lodges will be in prime locations on rivers (although many will overlook a waterhole), and there are some which are in areas which are a little less good for game viewing. 

Keep in mind that smaller reserves cannot hold a vast population of animals, and so you may not see huge herds of elephants or other large animals.  This will not necessarily mean that they do not offer a worthwhile experience, as you can still get very close to lions, elephants and other animals even at these smaller reserves.

Having said this, you do not necessarily have to compromise on the safari experience when you stay at a cheaper lodge. Many of these lodges are in the same reserves as lodges costing 2 or 3 times as much, and will do their game drives on the same land with the opportunity to see the same animals.

With careful research and some good advice, it is perfectly possible to plan an amazing safari without it costing an arm and a leg. You can get some inspiration from the lodges below, but if you would like a little help then please give us a call or ask us to recommend a budget safari lodge.

Travel In the Low Season (where applicable)

It used to be true that May to September was low season at safari lodges across South Africa, and this was due to cooler weather in Cape Town at this time of year attracting fewer overseas guests.  This made low season at lodges in the Kruger a real bargin, as this is probably the best time to visit the area and it coincided with the lowest prices and best special offers.  Unfortunataely for the budget conscious safari goer, low season rates and offers are pretty rare around Kruger these days, although there are still some low season rates in other parts of South Africa

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