Where to go in Africa in June

Where to go in Africa in June

Outstanding game viewing and perfect beach weather

June is the start of the winter period in the Southern Hemisphere, but don't let the word 'winter' put you off!  The game viewing is outstanding everywhere, the beach weather just perfect, and you are also just before the peak travel period which co-incides with the summer break for the majority of European and North American schools - so you can take advantage of there being less visitors everywhere you go.

Yes, the evenings do get chilly - but there is also something really special about returning from an evening game drive and enjoying a pre-dinner drink around a warming log fire as you listen to the night sounds of the African bush around you!

Quick 'At a Glance' Summary

    • Outstanding Big 5 game viewing in the Kruger area and other Southern Africa safari destinations
    • Spending some quality R&R time on a tropical beach
    • Meeting a gorilla family in Uganda or Rwanda
    • No rain and attractive shoulder season rates in East Africa

South Africa

Male LionJune's weather is cool and dry, making this one of the best months for game viewing in the world famous Kruger National Park and the surrounding private game reserves. Water is becoming quite scarce, so animals are more reliant on the waterholes or rivers, which means greater game viewing opportunities around these areas. Although the vegetation around these areas remains lush, the grass elsewhere becomes much drier and shorter, making it easier to spot wildlife.

Daily temperatures are still pleasant, but the early mornings and nights can get very cold and you will need several warm layers for your morning and evening game drives.

The risk of malaria is less, and coupled with the cooler daytime temperatures, compared to the first 3 months of the year, makes this a very popular time for visitors looking for an unforgettable Big 5 safari.


June sees the start of the dry months in Mozambique.  Whilst technically it is their winter months, the weather is perfect for international visitors - clear blue skies, plenty of sunshine and practically zero rainfall. Light sea breezes keep the temperature at a wondeful level, and all in all, it makes for a perfect tropical beach holiday to round off a safari in the neighbouring Kruger National Park.


With zero rainfall, the animals become more dependent on water, so the Chobe Riverfront and Okavango Delta regions are just alive with wildlife. The May to October period is generally thought to be the best time to visit the Delta as its waterways are full of water, there is abundant wildlife, and the skies overhead are clear and blue. The downside? Well, this is peak season in terms of prices so it can get a little expensive, however visitors are definitely getting the ultimate wildlife experince in one of Africa's very best safari destinatiions.

Elephants in the RiverZambia

June is one of the nicest months to travel to Zambia to go on a safari in one of the country's outstanding National Parks. It is the start of the dry season, so there is zero rainfall, making the walking safaris and fly camping that Zambia is so famous for very enjoyable indeed. The sky is a brilliant blue and there are few mosquitos, which is always a bonus! 

Many of the camps have only just reopened after the rainy season. Most spend the time when the camps are closed redoing their soft refurbishments and general maintenance, so everything should be beautiful and ready for your arrival!  A lot of lodges are offering Shoulder Season rates, making June a more affordable time to be on safari.

As this is just at the start of the dry months, the vegetation is still lush and green, and there is plenty of water in the rivers which the wildlife still visit regularly to drink.

Visitor numbers are less in June, however, so this is the time to come here if you want to avoid the peak season crowds.


June is the start of the cooler dry season in Hwangwe and Mana Pools and one of the best times for wildlife sightings in both Parks. The many waterholes in Hwangwe become a magnet for the wildlife as the surface water starts to dry out, and the vegetation dries back too, making it easier to spot wildlife. In Mana Pools, the wildlife start to congregate more around the Zambezi River as this is the only permanent water supply.  The risk of malaria is less as the mosquitoes do not like the colder weather! 

Victoria Falls

This is also one of the best times to visit the Victoria Falls from either the Zambia or the Zimbabwe side as the Zambezi River is at its annual peak flooding time.  The noise of the Falls is truly deafening, and it is impossible to see the foot of the Falls and almost any of its rockface, as the amount of water surging down is so great...it is totally mesmorising to watch. 

Wildebeest taking a Leap of Faith into the RiverTanzania

June is the start of the long dry and relatively cooler season. The chances of rain are highly unlikely, and the temperatures are less humid, making these months a truly lovely time to visit the country for a safari holiday.  Many lodges also run shoulder season rates in June, which helps with the cost of a safari!

The Great Migration continues is onwards march up the Serengeti Plains. A vast number of the migrating wildebeest and zebra veer off towards the west, and the first of the herd reaches the Grumeti River in the Western Corridor. Many lodges are based around this area, giving safari goers the ideal opportunity to head to a river crossing point to witness the first of the blood-thirsty river crossings, as the wildebeest negotiate not only the shallow river and slippery rocks, but also the hungry jaws of the waiting crocodiles - some of which are truly huge!

June is also one of the nicest times to visit the exotic spice island of Zanzibar. Daytime temperatures are consistently around a pleasant 30 degrees C (86 degrees F) and this coupled with the low humidity makes this an ideal beach break destination after an exciting safari on Tanzania's mainland.


June usually sees the end of the rainy season, and the start of the dry season.  Many camps and lodges offer a shoulder season rate, so prices are generally lower which adds to the attraction of a safari holiday to Kenya during this month.

After the safari, why not head to the Kenyan coast - migrating humpback whales arrive at the end of the month, and the temperatures are warm and accompanied by hours of sunshine.

Gorilla Trekking

June is one of the best months to trek to find the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, or in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park.

Tropical Beach ParadiseJune is the start of the dry season in both regions, which makes the tracks and trails easier to negotiate and definately less slippery, but you still have to be prepared to walk anything up to 5 hours to find the gorillas in the wild.

Being a peak month for trekking, however, gorilla permits are a bit like golddust, so very early planning is required - normally a year (or even longer) in advance.


If you are looking to spend time in June on a beautiful white sandy beach, fringed by palm trees and the warm Indian Ocean waters - then head to one of the islands that make up Seychelles.  This is one of the most perfect times of the year to be here - either as an add on after a safari in Kenya or South Africa, or if you are just wanting to spend all your time either in one  hotel or if you fancy a bit of Seychelles island hopping. 

Clear blue skies and glorious sunshine during the day, followed by balmy tropical nights, and of course not forgetting the sparking and enticingly warm ocean waters - there is no better place to be for a perfect beach holiday.


June marks the start of the dry winter season here, but as Mauritius boasts tropical weather all year round, this still means sunshine throughout the day and warm evenings.  Humidity is lower, however, making this a very pleasant time to be on the beach or around a swimming pool.

South Africa and Mozambique

These holiday suggestions give you the opportunity to experience the best that South Africa and Mozambique offer, and go home fully refreshed, reinvigorated and wanting to return again. Whether you want to combine the bright city lights with a wildlife adventure and laid back beach life, or if you just want a safari and beach combo, we can help you create your perfect holiday.

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Zambia Holiday Ideas

Zambia is a land-locked, warm-hearted African country with an endless list of adventures on offer. Many tourists overlook Zambia as a wildlife destination in its own right, yet the nation is packed with natural delights, making it a superb and secret spot for a safari.

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Tanzania Safari And Zanzibar

Tanzania's Northern Safari Circuit offers vast wildlife-filled plains and soft, white beaches with coconut palms. Witness the Great Migration across the Serengeti Plains, depending on when you travel here. This is Africa at its most epic.

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