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Safari and Beach Holidays 2024/25

The Best Of Both Worlds

A Travel Butlers safari and beach holiday really is the best of both worlds. It’s like having two amazing holidays in Africa rolled into one. First, you’ll spend your days waking up to the sounds of the African bush, taking exhilarating game drives over the plains to spot Big 5 animals in their natural environment. Then, you’ll head to a tropical beach worthy of any postcard to totally unwind and reflect on your wildlife experience. It’s the perfect holiday, offering a wonderful mix of adventure and relaxation.

Which is the best way round to do this?

Game drives can get you incredibly close to the wildlife...© Robin Pope SafarisWe usually recommend doing the safari part of your holiday first and ending your trip on the beach, although this can of course be reversed so you would have a beach and safari holiday. Safaris can be pretty tiring because the game drives depart at the crack of dawn when the wildlife is at its most active, and this is why we generally recommend starting with this before heading to the beach. Your friendly wake up call can be as early as 5 am, so it’s far from lie-in territory, but watching the sun come up over the savanna while you’re tracking lions, leopards and elephants will make the early start more than worth it!

However, after a series of heart-thumping game drives, you’ll probably be ready for some serious down time and an exotic beach overlooking the Indian Ocean is the perfect way to get it! This means that you’ll arrive home relaxed rather than frazzled and ready to get back to reality again.

How many nights at each destination?

A classic 7 night holiday would usually be a mix of 3 nights on safari and 4 nights on the beach. If you’re looking for a 10 night holiday, this could combine 4 nights on safari with 6 nights at the beach, or if soaking up some tropical sunshine is important to you, 3 nights on safari and 7 nights on the beach would do the trick.

If you have longer than 3 or 4 night to spend on safari then most people would combine 2 different wildlife destinations, to give them a greater variety of experiences.

Which places work best together?

When you’re planning your safari and beach holiday, it makes sense to choose destinations that are relatively close together. This will cut down both the time and money spent on travel during your holiday. You will also want to make sure that you have an idea of what the weather will be like at your chosen beach destination, so you may take a look at our guide to when to visit Africa's best beaches.

A safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa, for example, works really well with the castaway beaches of Mozambique or if you are looking for somewhere with a buzz, then Mauritius would be the ideal choice. Similarly, a safari in Tanzania combines brilliantly with one of the luxury beach resorts on Zanzibar, a true island paradise.

If you’re heading to Kenya on your safari holiday, you don’t need to travel anywhere else to find beautiful beaches, as Kenya has a stunning coastline all of its own. This means that you won’t incur any additional visa costs by travelling between countries during your trip. Equally, it is very easy to hop between Kenya and Zanzibar should the 'spice island' appeal for your beach stay.

We’ve listed some of our favourite safari and beach combinations below, which we hope will give you some inspiration for your own trip. If you would like to use one of these as a starting point for creating your own unique Travel Butlers holiday or if would just like to discuss some initial ideas, simply complete the enquiry form or give one of our friendly experts a call on 01483 266725.

Best of South Africa and Mauritius

ITINERARY-03222: Best of South Africa and Mauritius

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There really is nothing like wrapping up a Big 5 safari with a few days on the beach, and combining a South African wildlife adventure with a relaxed beach retreat on the island of Mauritius will give you an unbeatable blend of excitement and relaxation. We can't recommend it highly enough!

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Kenya's Wildlife and Coast

ITINERARY-02090: Kenya's Wildlife and Coast

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Kenya...offering phenomenal wildlife and timeless ethnic tribal cultures. Combine this with palm-fringed white powder soft beaches lapped by the warm Indian Ocean and you have an unforgettable holiday combination.

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Tanzania Safari And Zanzibar

ITINERARY-02109: Tanzania Safari And Zanzibar

Code: ITINERARY-02109

Tanzania's Northern Safari Circuit is the place of safari and beach dreams - vast plains stretching into a hazy horizon dotted with wildlife coupled with soft, white sands laced with coconut palms. Add to this the possibility of also witnessing the Great Migration crossing the Serengeti Plains depending on when you are holidaying here, and this really is Africa at its most epic.

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South Africa and Mozambique

ITINERARY-01932: South Africa and Mozambique

Code: ITINERARY-01932

These holiday suggestions give you the opportunity to experience the best that South Africa and Mozambique offer, and go home fully refreshed, reinvigorated and wanting to return again. Whether you want to combine the bright city lights with a wildlife adventure and laid back beach life, or if you just want a safari and beach combo, we can help you create your perfect holiday.

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South African Safari and Seychelles

ITINERARY-03418: South African Safari and Seychelles

Code: ITINERARY-03418

Mixing South Africa with Seychelles will give you unforgettable Big 5 game drives followed by a tropical desert island escape. It’s one of the ultimate safari and sunshine combinations. First, you’ll explore the African bushveld on the safari of a lifetime and then you’ll retreat to a picture-perfect beach paradise to recharge your batteries. What could possibly be better?

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Kenya And Seychelles

ITINERARY-03419: Kenya And Seychelles

Code: ITINERARY-03419

Combining the world’s most spectacular wildlife with the planet’s most perfect beaches, a trip to Kenya and Seychelles is an idyllic twin-centre holiday. First, you’ll gaze across the vast open plains of the Masai Mara, scouring the savanna for herds of elephant and playful lion cubs. Then, after a few days of exciting game drives, you’ll fly directly to Seychelles and swop your safari shorts for a sarong and enjoy a dreamy dose of tropical sunshine.

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