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Tailor-made Safari Holidays 2024/25

Bespoke safari holidays and self-drive itineraries

At Travel Butlers, we offer safari holidays which are individually tailored to each client’s personal interests, budgets and needs. This means that every Travel Butlers holiday is totally unique rather than off-the-shelf.

Our love of African safaris is precisely what inspired us to start our company and we have visited the majority of the lodges and reserves that we offer ourselves. This means that we’re in the perfect position to talk you through your various options and build you a safari holiday that suits you down to the ground.

Below you will find some suggestions for 2024/25 and if you would like to use one of these routes as a starting point for your own holiday, simply give us a call or send an enquiry.

When you get in touch with us at Travel Butlers, we’ll take stock of all your needs and one of our experienced consultants will get back to you quickly with a personalised suggestion for your safari holiday. After that, we’ll work with to you tweak your trip until you are 100% delighted with your holiday. Then, you can head off into the sunset for the safari holiday of a lifetime.

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Planning Your First African Safari

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Safari and Beach Ideas

Safari & Beach Holidays

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Been On Safari Before?

Exploring the Okavango Delta by canoe

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Seeing the Great Wildebeest Migration in Kenya

ITINERARY-03486: Seeing the Great Wildebeest Migration in Kenya

Code: ITINERARY-03486

The vast plains of the Masai Mara come truly alive from the end of July through to mid October time, when over 1.5 million wildebeest and 200,000 zebra migrate here from The Serengeti. This is truly nature at its most dramatic.

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Tanzania Luxury Fly-In Safari and Beach

ITINERARY-04470: Tanzania Luxury Fly-In Safari and Beach

Code: ITINERARY-04470

If you like the idea of flying over the safari plains and looking down at the wildlife from a birds-eye view, coupled with some of the best accommodation and safari experiences that the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit can offer, then an exclusive fly-in safari could be just the ticket for you. End with a few nights in 5* luxury on the beaches of Zanzibar, basking on white sands in the hot African sun, and you have an all-round winning combination.

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Kruger Self-Drive Safaris

ITINERARY-04776: Kruger Self-Drive Safaris

Code: ITINERARY-04776

The vast Greater Kruger Park is undoubtedly the best safari experience in South Africa, and by combining a couple of nights at an affordable safari lodge and then self-driving in the Park it is possible to get a fantastic safari experience at a very affordable price.

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A Family Safari With Teenagers

ITINERARY-04982: A Family Safari With Teenagers

Code: ITINERARY-04982

A holiday with teenagers has to be the right mix of adventure, entertainment, and relaxation - with the first two really aimed at the kids, the last one definitely for the parents!  Making sure that there is something for everyone is key when planning your family holiday, and these itineraries will hopefully give you some ideas.  Plus the inner hope that you will deliver the best holiday your teenagers have even been on and as a result become the coolest parents ever in the history of mankind.

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Holidays to Uganda

ITINERARY-05033: Holidays to Uganda

Code: ITINERARY-05033

Uganda - home to the endangered mountain gorilla, habituated troops of chimpanzees, tree climbing lions and the rare shoebill - a stork-like large bird whose large bill resembles a Dutch clog. Not to mention beautiful mountain ranges, impressive waterfalls, vibrant African cities, and rivers lined with elephants drinking, hippos wallowing and crocodiles basking in the sun.

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Escape To The Cape

ITINERARY-1: Escape To The Cape


Fall in love with Cape Town, find new wines while visiting one of the many wineries of the Cape Winelands and tour along the Garden Route - and if these are not enough highlights for one trip, end your holiday with an amazing Big 5 safari in a malaria-free reserve.

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Cape Town to Kruger: The Best Of South Africa

ITINERARY-4: Cape Town to Kruger: The Best Of South Africa


Enjoy an unforgettable safari, tour along South Africa's popular Garden Route coastline, go wine tasting in the Cape Winelands, watch whales and explore Cape Town, one of the world's most spectacular cities. Can you think of a better way to spend your holiday?

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Best of South Africa and Mauritius

ITINERARY-03222: Best of South Africa and Mauritius

Code: ITINERARY-03222

There really is nothing like wrapping up a Big 5 safari with a few days on the beach, and combining a South African wildlife adventure with a relaxed beach retreat on the island of Mauritius will give you an unbeatable blend of excitement and relaxation. We can't recommend it highly enough!

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Tanzania Safari And Zanzibar

ITINERARY-02109: Tanzania Safari And Zanzibar

Code: ITINERARY-02109

Tanzania's Northern Safari Circuit is the place of safari and beach dreams - vast plains stretching into a hazy horizon dotted with wildlife coupled with soft, white sands laced with coconut palms. Add to this the possibility of also witnessing the Great Migration crossing the Serengeti Plains depending on when you are holidaying here, and this really is Africa at its most epic.

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South African Safari and Seychelles

ITINERARY-03418: South African Safari and Seychelles

Code: ITINERARY-03418

Mixing South Africa with Seychelles will give you unforgettable Big 5 game drives followed by a tropical desert island escape. It’s one of the ultimate safari and sunshine combinations. First, you’ll explore the African bushveld on the safari of a lifetime and then you’ll retreat to a picture-perfect beach paradise to recharge your batteries. What could possibly be better?

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Cape Town and a Big 5 Safari in 7 Nights

ITINERARY-2: Cape Town and a Big 5 Safari in 7 Nights


If you're big on ambition but a little short on time, this itinerary combines 2 of the real highlights of South Africa into one trip. Over just one week, you'll get a real taste of the cosmopolitan Cape Town, with 4 nights to explore this brilliant city. After that, you'll head off into the bush for an exciting Big 5 safari. It's an unbeatable combination - a week that you'll never forget.

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A Namibian Adventure

ITINERARY-9: A Namibian Adventure


From the sea of sand dunes in the south, to the harsh landscape of Damaraland in the north, and across to the wildlife rich plains of the Etosha National Park, Namibia is a truly stunning country full of contrasts. The vastness of the country will both impress and delight first time visitors looking for adventure, and returning visitors will always find somewhere new to explore and enjoy.

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Off The Beaten Track

ITINERARY-02829: Off The Beaten Track

Code: ITINERARY-02829

Tanzania's Southern and Western Circuits are the remote Africa that you may dream of. Depending where you go, a safari here could include vast sweeping plains criss-crossed by wandering herds of buffalo and elephant, hippos swimming in waterways watched by crocodiles lazing on the riverbanks, leopards lounging in the trees watching wild dog pups playing in the long grass of the savannah, and chimps swinging from the branches. This is classic safari territory that guarantees the wildlife experience of a lifetime.

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Kenya's Wildlife and Coast

ITINERARY-02090: Kenya's Wildlife and Coast

Code: ITINERARY-02090

Kenya...offering phenomenal wildlife and timeless ethnic tribal cultures. Combine this with palm-fringed white powder soft beaches lapped by the warm Indian Ocean and you have an unforgettable holiday combination.

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Honeymoon Safaris and Romantic Holidays

ITINERARY-02515: Honeymoon Safaris and Romantic Holidays

Code: ITINERARY-02515

If you are looking for a very special and romantic destination for your honeymoon, Africa has everything you could ever want. The heady mix of unspoilt beaches, game reserves teeming with wildlife, and stunning scenery all combine to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime, and a trip that you can look back on time and time again as you grow older together.

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Combining a Kruger Safari with Victoria Falls

ITINERARY-02653: Combining a Kruger Safari with Victoria Falls

Code: ITINERARY-02653

A Big Five safari in the Greater Kruger Park and a visit to the thundering Victoria Falls are both perennial bucket list favourites. They are two of the most unforgettable, overwhelming, and awe-inspiring experiences that Africa has to offer.

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7 Nights in Kenya

ITINERARY-02685: 7 Nights in Kenya

Code: ITINERARY-02685

Even if you only have 7 nights to take a holiday, anything is possible if you go to Kenya - even if you only have a short time!  Offering outstanding safari destinations and beaches, you will be spoilt for choice.

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Safari Only Holidays to Kenya

ITINERARY-02828: Safari Only Holidays to Kenya

Code: ITINERARY-02828

If you are looking for a truly phenomenal wildlife safari, and going to the beach doesn't really interest you, then these suggested holidays may be of interest! The diversity of the wildlife and scenery across Kenya's many National Parks and game reserves will ensure that any safari-only holiday is not only exciting, but also varied in terms of the animals and birdlife that you may see.

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A Family Holiday in South Africa

ITINERARY-5: A Family Holiday in South Africa


South Africa is very popular with families from all over the world who are looking for a holiday that offers sunshine and beaches and plenty of activities for kids of all ages in a country that is truly family-friendly. It is especially good for families with younger children, as South Africa is the one country in Africa where you can go on safari without having to worry about taking malaria tablets.

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South Africa and Mozambique

ITINERARY-01932: South Africa and Mozambique

Code: ITINERARY-01932

These holiday suggestions give you the opportunity to experience the best that South Africa and Mozambique offer, and go home fully refreshed, reinvigorated and wanting to return again. Whether you want to combine the bright city lights with a wildlife adventure and laid back beach life, or if you just want a safari and beach combo, we can help you create your perfect holiday.

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Durban and Zululand

ITINERARY-8: Durban and Zululand


KwaZulu-Natal has something for everyone - splendid beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean, stunning mountain scenery, wildlife, and a vibrant city life. Nowhere else in Southern Africa are so many outstanding tourist destinations to be found in such close proximity to one another.

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Safari Adventure Packages in Kenya

ITINERARY-02683: Safari Adventure Packages in Kenya

Code: ITINERARY-02683

If the wildlife safari experience is more important than the accommodation, and you are prepared to sleep in small tents in sleeping bags on a mattress on the floor with an element of 'roughing' it, this itinerary might just be worth looking at. It offers an exceptional and exclusive wildlife experience with high quality guiding - but at a fraction of the price.

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Family Safari and Beach Holidays in Kenya

ITINERARY-02686: Family Safari and Beach Holidays in Kenya

Code: ITINERARY-02686

Kenya is a brilliant place for a family holiday. Between the incredible wildlife safaris and the stunning tropical beaches, your children will really feel like they've hit the jackpot!

Watching your kids gasp in amazement at roaming herds of elephant and playful cheetah cubs will be an experience that you'll never forget and something that they'll carry with them forever. Travelling as a family will actually double the magic of your safari, as you'll get to see it all through the eyes of a very excited child! Not only this, but Kenya is home to vibrant tribal cultures that will fascinate your children and help them learn about the world we live in.

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Zambia Holiday Ideas

ITINERARY-02724: Zambia Holiday Ideas

Code: ITINERARY-02724

Zambia is a land-locked, warm-hearted African country with an endless list of adventures on offer. Many tourists overlook Zambia as a wildlife destination in its own right, yet the nation is packed with natural delights, making it a superb and secret spot for a safari.

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Kenya And Seychelles

ITINERARY-03419: Kenya And Seychelles

Code: ITINERARY-03419

Combining the world’s most spectacular wildlife with the planet’s most perfect beaches, a trip to Kenya and Seychelles is an idyllic twin-centre holiday. First, you’ll gaze across the vast open plains of the Masai Mara, scouring the savanna for herds of elephant and playful lion cubs. Then, after a few days of exciting game drives, you’ll fly directly to Seychelles and swop your safari shorts for a sarong and enjoy a dreamy dose of tropical sunshine.

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Island-Hopping in the Seychelles

ITINERARY-03420: Island-Hopping in the Seychelles

Code: ITINERARY-03420

An island-hopping holiday in Seychelles is a route straight into a Robinson Crusoe style fantasy. It’s a world of giant pink boulders tumbling out of tropical jungle onto powdery white sands. Hopping from one sun-kissed slice of paradise to another, you’ll be overwhelmed by the beauty of Seychelles. It’s somewhere stunning to be stranded for a week or two.

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Affordable Botswana

ITINERARY-01952: Affordable Botswana

Code: ITINERARY-01952

Botswana is an unbeatable destination for an authentic African safari, and the itineraries here will give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself without breaking the bank. Come and see for yourself why Botswana is now rated as one of the best places to see wildlife on the planet.

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4 Night Victoria Falls and Chobe Getaway

ITINERARY-02677: 4 Night Victoria Falls and Chobe Getaway

Code: ITINERARY-02677

Looking to extend your South African holiday with something a little different? Then why not consider adding 4 nights to your trip, and take in the iconic Victoria Falls for 2 nights followed by a 2 night stay in the 'Elephant Capital of the World' - the Chobe National Park in neighbouring Botswana. Being so close together, it is no surprise that these 2 highlights are a popular combo and addition to any SA holiday.

For those on a tighter budget, another option is to stay 3 nights at the Falls and simply do a day trip to Chobe.

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Classic Botswana

ITINERARY-02680: Classic Botswana

Code: ITINERARY-02680

These itineraries offer what we call a 'classic' safari holiday in Botswana. They deliver both breathtaking sights and wildlife experiences, coupled with accommodation that complement your surroundings. This winning combination will truly make this a holiday of a lifetime.

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The Best of Botswana

ITINERARY-03015: The Best of Botswana

Code: ITINERARY-03015

Stay in some of Botswana's most exclusive and secluded safari camps and lodges for the ultimate Botswana safari experience. Your elegantly indulgent accommodation will complement the outstanding game viewing, in the company of highly trained and qualified guides.

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Alternative Wildlife Experiences in South Africa

ITINERARY-01964: Alternative Wildlife Experiences in South Africa

Code: ITINERARY-01964

If you have already been on a traditional 'Big 5' safari, maybe this time you are looking for something a little 'different' but which will still enable you to enjoy South Africa's wildlife? Whether you're a seasoned safari-goer or an adventurous spirit eager for a twist on the traditional safari, these alternative ideas will set your imagination running wild. Whilst game viewing from an open-topped safari vehicle may be the classic way to explore the African bush, there are several more unusual safari options that will give you an entirely unique and totally thrilling perspective of Africa.

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Escorted Tours in South Africa

ITINERARY-02564: Escorted Tours in South Africa

Code: ITINERARY-02564

Choose from a wide variety of escorted tours in South Africa, ranging from ones that last just a few days, through to longer tours that take you from one side of the country to the other.

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Luxury Train Journeys Across South Africa

ITINERARY-01965: Luxury Train Journeys Across South Africa

Code: ITINERARY-01965

For the epitome in luxury travel, why not consider taking a classic train journey across South Africa's beautiful countryside as part of your holiday plans.

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Escorted Tours in Namibia

ITINERARY-11: Escorted Tours in Namibia


If you are looking for an alternative African adventure across a remote and beautiful untouched wilderness, but without having to hop in a car and drive yourself, then one of these guided tours through the epic landscapes of Namibia may be just perfect for you.

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