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Saruni Ocean – Kenya’s Latest Offering

Tracey Campbell - December 1, 2014

Kenya has certainly had a rough ride this year, but one company thankfully has the foresight and investment to believe that tourism will recover. The new Saruni Ocean is due to open this month, and is the latest edition to the Saruni safari family, offering a complete solution for couples and families looking for a […] Read More

Seeing the Wild Dogs of Africa

Tracey Campbell - November 19, 2014

The African wild dog, or the Painted Dog as it is also called, is now unfortunately one of Africa’s endangered species. Changing habitats and disease have caused the population to drop rapidly, and it is estimated that there are now only between 3,000 and 5,000 left in the wild. Unlike their domestic doggy cousins, the […] Read More

Family Safaris – Top Tips for Taking The Kids On Safari

Paul Campbell - April 7, 2014

Safaris are not just for big kids – far from it! Little kids will go wild for the wildlife in Africa, so a family safari is a fantastic, fun-packed experience for all. Watching the eyes of your children widen with excitement as they encounter their first elephant and hearing them giggle as the vervets get […] Read More

Travel Butlers’ Top 5 Travel Destinations For 2014

Paul Campbell - December 31, 2013

Every nook and cranny of Africa is packed with magic, from coast to coast and corner to corner. It’s totally timeless and full of eye-opening, heart-warming surprises at every turn. On safari in Africa, you’ll be a tiny presence in a land that’s larger than life, dwarfed by vast plains, mist-shrouded mountains, thundering falls and […] Read More

The African Twelve Days Of Christmas

Paul Campbell - December 4, 2013

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Africa showed to me… 12 Springbok grazing 11 Lions a-lazing 10 Zebra crossing 9 Cheetah chasing 8 Monkeys marching 7 Hippo hiding 6 Rhino roaming 5 EL-E-PHANTS! 4 Soaring birds 3 Wild Dog 2 Tall giraffes And a leopard in a thorn tree!

Kenya’s Beach Traders – Good or Bad?

Tracey Campbell - August 19, 2013

There is a current rumour that Kenya are once again looking at banning beach traders from their beaches. True, sometimes these people can be annoying, and in some cases, a bit intimidating. You are out for a quiet (and possibly romantic) beach walk, and you do not want to be hassled by someone trying to […] Read More

Kenya’s Part in the Great Migration has now Begun

Tracey Campbell - August 6, 2013

The annual wildebeest Great Migration is well and truly underway now. The animals began their 1,800 mile round adventure back in January, on the Southern Serengeti Plains, when over half a million calves were born.  The last few months have seen the herds slowly and steadily progress northwards up through the vast Serengeti National Park. […] Read More

Thank You to Kenya for Chris Froome!

Tracey Campbell - July 24, 2013

As a Brit, I was certainly proud to see at the weekend that GB have yet again proudly romped home to win the Tour de France. First Sir Bradley Wiggins, now Chris Froome. Kenyan-born Chris actually started his cycling career on the outskirts of Nairobi, in a tiny village where he spent his childhood.  Indeed, […] Read More

10 night Kenya Safari/Beach holiday for GBP1,000 per person – yes, it can be done!!

Tracey Campbell - February 15, 2013

The daily news is still saying we are in a recession, there is the ‘hangover’ from having spent too much last summer when the Olympics and Paralympics took the UK by storm (I know I had no intention of going to the Games, but I was hooked after watching the Opening Ceremony, and spent the […] Read More

Going on Safari – At the Start or the End of your Trip?

Tracey Campbell - September 11, 2012

One of the more frequent questions we get asked by our customers when they are in the early stages of planning their safari holiday is ‘Should we do the safari at the start or the end of the trip?’. It is, of course, a personal decision and choice, but I always tend to advise doing […] Read More