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The Top Rated 5* Safari Lodges By Travel Butlers Clients

Paul Campbell - February 27, 2012

Following on from our review of the top-rated 3* and 4* safari lodges, this time it’s the turn of the 5* properties.

Our number monkey has again checked to make sure that we have not included any places that only have a handful of votes as this would skew the results, and the 5* safari lodges that our guests have rated most highly are:

Again, we are sorry to say there are no statues or physical awards (although this does mean no speeches…), however our heartfelt thanks and congratulations go to the places named above as they have all given outstanding service and safari experiences to our guests over the recent months and years.

To all the other excellent 5* lodges that have also looked after our clients so wonderfully, do not lose heart:  out of  hundreds of ratings for 5* lodges, we only had a couple of scores under 4/5, and the overall average for 5* lodges was a whopping 4.7/5!

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