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Activities in Victoria Falls

Activities in Victoria Falls

Flight of Angels, bungee jumping and lots more

There are many activities that visitors can enjoy during a stay at the Falls, making a 2 night or even a 3 night stay here worthwhile.

Most of the activities can be booked when you arrive through your hotel, as the majority of the hotels have Activites Desks in their main foyer who are willing and able to book anything for you - however, if you want to be sure that you can do a certain activity, to avoid any disappointment you can always ask one of the consultants at Travel Butlers to make a booking for you prior to your departure.


Viewing The Falls

Visitors can view the Falls from either the Zimbabwe or Zambia side, and day trips from one country to the other are possible so you don't have to feel you are missing out on anything.

Visitors can marvel at the sheer size of the Falls in safety from the opposite banks by following the many different paths along the gorge. In some places the gorge is so narrow you are litereally only 60m away from the cascading water.

For those not scared of heights, the Knife Edge Bridge leads out to an island left isolated in the abyss from where you look directly across to the eastern Cataract and Main Falls or gaze far below to the churning maelstrom of The Boiling Pot where the river turns and heads down dramatic series of gorges.


Flight Of Angels

A 'Flight of Angels' describes any sightseeing trip over the Falls by small aircraft, microlight, helicopter or ultra-light aircraft. This is a fantastic way to fully appreciate the extent and sheer size of the Falls, and trips are normally between 15 and 45 minutes long.

Because of the small size of the aircraft, guests have the opportunity to sit near a window, and it doesn't really matter which side of the aircraft you sit, because you normally fly along the Falls one way, then turn around and retrace your steps - so everyone gets to see the Falls from their side of the craft.

River Cruises

For those who just want to relax and sit back, a river cruise along the Zambezi River is a wonderful way to pass a couple of hours.

Take a day cruise, a sunset cruise or a dinner cruise, and as you drift along you may see hippos and elephants on the river banks. Don't forget to take your camera for that unforgettable shot!

White Water Rafting

The Zambezi River offers a totally thrilling white water rafting experience. Recognised as having some of the best Grade 4 and 5 rapids in the world, this is pure adrenaline stuff!

Calm pools of water separate the rapids which are perfect for getting your breath back and admiring the spectacular scenery before you tackle the next one.


Devil's Pool

Not for the faint-hearted, true, but if you fancy swimming close to the edge of the Falls and even taking a peek over at the raging Falls below, then you need to make a trip to Devil's Pool, a naturally formed pool accessed via Livingstone Island in Zambia.

Only attempt this when the river flow is at a safe level, however - which is during the months of September through to December.  There is a natural rock wall just below the water and at the very edge of the Falls that stops anyone from swimming right over the edge and tumbling down into the gorge ... although please...do still be careful!

Bunjee Jumping and Bridge Swings

The 111m bungee jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge is for pure adrenelin-seekers. The jump is the 2nd highest commercial jump in the world and is open 365 days a year.

Choose to throw yourself from the bungee platform solo, or tandem; or for the truly brave, do a bridge swing. Digital photographs and videos are taken of each jump and are available for viewing and purchase on site, so you can watch time and time again as you walk out on a gangplank where all that is beneath you is a long drop!

For those that try this, you think you are ready but you are never truly ready until you hear the words no one wants to hear. Three... two... one...JUMP!  What happens next you will remember forever - a free fall drop towards the river, not to mention a few crocodiles.  Just before hitting the river you swing up to safety. When you are winched back to the top and see what you have accomplished, nothing will ever be as daunting…

The bungee jump platform is in 'no mans land' between the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia. so you do need your passport to jump. 

You can also do a bridge slide, which starts on the Zambian bank of the gorge and ends in a slow stop on the Victoria Falls bridge.

Tram Experience and Pop Up Bar

For something a little different, try this combination of 'historic tram and gin' culinary experience. You are greeted on arrival at 11:45 at the historic Victoria Falls railway station with beverages and a selection of gourmet sandwiches and snacks before embarking on a tram ride, which takes you to the middle of the bridge for a photo opportunity of the gorge separating Zambia and Zimbabwe. You will then be able to see a historical re-enactment of how the bridge was built in a small museum in the gorge before being shown a 'secret viewpoint' alongside a craft gin bar, accompanied by a selection of gourmet snacks, at the end of the journey at approximately 14:00.

Jet Boating

A jet boat experience is an exhilating experience. The boats can travel up to speeds of 80 km/h in water as shallow as 10cm, and can turn 360 degrees on a hairpin.  Hold on and enjoy the power and sensation as your driver goes full-throttle and the boat rushes close past gorge walls and spins round on the flat water, giving you a sensation of speed and danger few other activities provide.

Chobe Day Trips

Day trips to the Chobe National Park in Botswana can also be arranged - the Park is only 1¾ drive away from Livingstone.

The Chobe National Park is the second largest National Park in Botswana and covers 10,566 km², and has one of the greatest concentrations of game found on the African continent.  Its uniqueness in the abundance of wildlife and the true African nature of the region, offers a safari experience of a lifetime. A major feature of the Park is its elephant population currently estimated at around 100,000.

The day safari begins with a cruise on the Chobe River with refreshments while the boat takes you close up to the waterfowl and wildlife along the river. Flocks of birds, large pods of hippos and crocodiles can be viewed from the safety of the boat. Lunch is served as you travel deeper into Chobe National Park.