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Urgent Notification – Yellow Fever Vaccination Requirements

Tracey Campbell - June 1, 2011

The Yellow Fever vaccination recommendations for Africa have been revised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Following this revision, the South African Department of Health has issued a statement regarding the requirements for travel between South Africa and Zambia.

All passengers travelling from Zambia to South Africa, and vice versa, will now require proof of Yellow Fever vaccination. This was not a requirement before.

In-transit passengers will also require proof of vaccination.

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  1. Due to a shortage of Yellow Fever vaccinations in South Africa as a result of the recent changes in leglisation, the SA Department of Health has just advised that Zambia is now NOT presently on the list of countries that requires a Yellow Fever certificate, and as such travellers currently travelling NOW between Zambia and SA are not required to have a valid Yellow Fever certificate.

    BUT IT APPEARS THIS IS ONLY A TEMPORARY CHANGE … It is anticipated that the shortage of the vaccinations is expected to normalize in August, in which case the ruling will be re-inforced.

    My advice would be for any international visitor who are planning to travel between Zambia and SA ANYTIME IN THE FUTURE and who DOES have access to the vaccination should get immunised anyway, as it seems that the law can change at a minutes notice … so better to be safe and be able to enter the country with a valid Yellow Fever certificate than be sorry and be turned away at Passport Control and put on the next plane home.

    Comment by TraceyCampbell — July 29, 2011 @ 9:40 am

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