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How The Elephant Got His Tusks

And why the Warthog now has small tusks

The Warthog used to have beautiful long ivory tusks, but his friend, the Elephant, only had small, curling tusks.  Elephant was extremely jealous of his friend's tusks, and wanted the tusks for himself.

One day, Elephant saw Warthog out walking, and had an idea.

"Oh, Warthog," said Elephant, "I have such a problem.  I have been invited to a ball this evening, and I am worried that my little tusks will not be grand enough.  Can I borrow your wonderful tusks just for tonight, and I will return them to you tomorrow morning?"

Of course, the trusting Warthog agreed to this, and the two animals swapped tusks. 

However, when the next morning came, there was no sight of Elephant, and Warthog realised that he had been tricked. 

Warthog rushed to find his other friend, the Pangolin.  "Don't worry," said the Pangolin.  "Now you have smaller tusks, you can live with me in my burrow and always feel safe.  And Elephant will be hunted for those tusks, and will never find a safe home to hide in again."

And to this day, Warthogs still live safely in burrows away from predators, and the Elephant is still being hunted for his magnificent ivory tusks.