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Loving David Attenborough’s Africa On The BBC

Paul Campbell - January 10, 2013

I am sure I was not alone last night when I settled down to watch the 2nd episode in the 6 part David Attenborough’s Africa series – the first airing last week pulled in over 6.5 million viewers, and although the viewing figures are not out as yet for last night, I am sure they would have increased.

In true David Attenborough style, it was full of absolutely superb camerawork, and amazing wildlife footage.

Who didn’t reach for a box of tissues at the true devotion showed by the mother elephant in the drought-stricken Amboseli, who watched her herd disappear into the distance as she waited with her baby calf to die?  Or decide that the shoebill is one of the more heartless of natures creations, as both parents ignored the younger sibling’s need for comfort and food in favour of the older (and definitely more bullish) chick?  And wonder at what possessed the lizard to think it was a good idea to try and snatch a fly from the face of a sleeping lion?

But it was not just about the wildlife.  What also got me was the team of 80+ people who trekked up the mountain side in fog, snow and rain, camping out in these conditions for days, to wait to shoot footage that was on our screens for probably less than 30 seconds – but yes, it was definitely worth the wait, I must admit, and I am very envious that they got to see those views firsthand.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode now!

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