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Cape Town Bierfest!

Tracey Campbell - September 10, 2012

Last year, my husband went over to Germany to enjoy the annual Bierfest in Munich (he also claims that it was mainly for the golf that he went for, but somehow I just don’t believe him).

This year, however, he could travel to Cape Town instead, as they are hosting their own Bierfest from Thursday 13 September 2012 through to Sunday, 16 September 2012.

Held in Newlands, Cape Town’s Bierfest is being designed to create an authentic Bavarian festival.¬†¬† The beer halls will be draped in traditional style, and limited edition beers are being brewed exclusively for the event. Visitors¬† can come and enjoy German food whilst being served by frauleins and listening to Oompah bands.

Early days yet for Cape Town to become as established an event as Munich, which has been going for 200 years and attracts more than 5 million people each year from around the world, but you have to start somewhere!

Maybe I just might book my ticket over there now…

Venue: Village Green, Newlands Brewery
For More Information: phone +27 (0)74 193 8160

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