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The Appeal of Safari Holidays in Tanzania

Paul Campbell - July 31, 2012

Many people believe that anyone going on their first safari holiday should receive a health warning … “What you are about to experience may become addictive”.  This is definitely true of Tanzania as this unique country will cause you to fall in love with Africa quicker than anywhere else. Indeed, Tanzania is perhaps the most diverse and alluring country in all of East Africa, thereby it is able to offer an outstanding range of safari and trekking options.

To be sure, this wonderful country has so much to offer that its many different options have to be broken down into manageable portions:

Northern Tanzania safari

Tanzania’s northern circuit includes several areas which are famed the world over for their abundance of wildlife. Indeed, the incomparable Serengeti National Park, awe-inspiring Ngorongoro Crater and stunning Lake Manyara can all be marvelled in this part of Africa.

The northern parks area is without doubt the best location for a ‘proper’ overland safari as it is able to provide some of the most incredible scenery, wildlife and culture on the continent. And, when you consider that the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro and exotic tropical beaches of Zanzibar are just a short hopper flight away, it is easy to see why this part of the world is able to provide some of the most comprehensive African safaris available.

Serengeti safari

A Serengeti safari focuses on the incredible array of wildlife that lives on and perennially visits the Serengeti plains.

These safaris can be enjoyed in a number of different ways as there are several different transport options available which can be employed. Indeed, you can drive across the terrain in tough overland tour vehicles or, if you’re the more adventurous type, you can enjoy a wonderful walking safari.

However, if you’re after something really special, you can observe the Serengeti from the unique vantage point of hot air balloon!

Southern Tanzania safari

Whilst the southern circuit of Tanzania cannot boast the same big names as the north, it is home to Africa’s biggest protected game reserve – Selous Reserve. Along with the equally mesmerizing Ruaha National Park, the beautifully untouched area around Selous is able to provide you with a truly epic safari experience that will live vividly in your memory long after you have returned home.

In addition, southern Tanzania also has the splendid Katavi and Mahale parks to offer, the latter being perhaps the best location for primate interaction in all of Africa.

Flying safari

The flying safari is another great option which Tanzania is able to offer. As well as enabling you to visit areas that are often impossible to reach by road, this type of safari can save you lots of time and allow you to create a bespoke itinerary. Moreover, marvelling at the great expanse of Tanzania from the air is a thrilling experience that will stay with you always.

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