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Tug of War … with a difference

Tracey Campbell - August 11, 2011

Warning … not for the faint-hearted …. and especially not for python lovers ….

A remarkable wildlife ‘tug of war’ was witnessed by guests staying at Mala Mala recently.

The 2m long African rock python was caught by a female leopard in long grass, but as she dragged it along behind her (still alive and wriggling frantically by this stage trying to escape), the python was ambushed by the leopard’s son, who proceeded to try and tug it away from his mother.

Mother leopard was having none of it though, and the two leopards ended up in a bizarre tug of war match for about 30 minutes. The battle only ended when the female leopard gave up, retreating to a tree while her son tucked in to his prize.

But he only ate a morsel before deciding it was not to his taste, and he discarded the snake’s body in the long grass.

I think you will agree …. wow !! It might be a bit gruesome, but it is not a sight that you see every day on safari !!!

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