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Travel Butlers Trivia 14

Tracey Campbell - November 21, 2010

Did you know these 5 facts about giraffe ?

1117973A male giraffe has thicker horns, which are bald on the very top as they use their horns for fighting, and the hair gets rubbed off.

A female giraffe has thinner horns with tufts of black hair on the very top of the horns.

Giraffe sleep on their knees.

Giraffe cannot keep their head down for more than 45 seconds otherwise the blood will rush to their brain and cause a hemorrhage. So you will never see a giraffe drink for a long time.

Giraffe walk with their 2 left legs going forward, then their 2 right legs going forward, which gives them that ‘ambling’ gait.

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