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Travel Butlers Trivia 12

Tracey Campbell - November 7, 2010

5 things you may or may not know about zebra :

zebra-picture1. The way to tell whether a zebra is male or female from behind (aside from the obvious, of course) is to look under their tail – females have a broader black ‘stripe’ between their back thighs than males.

2. When males fight each other over a female, they have been known to bite off their opponents tail.

3. Zebras can sometimes look fat – this is just gas and air as a result of bacteria that is in their stomach to help them break down their food via fermentation – which has the unfortunate side effect of also producing methane gas.

4. A zebra’s neck is actually THE only place where the animal has any fat store, and the mane is a good indication of the health of the animal – an upright mane means a good layer of fat – so a healthy zebra.

5. The zebra’s backwards kick is powerful enough to break a lion’s neck / back or jaw.

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