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Travel Butlers Trivia 7

Tracey Campbell - September 26, 2010

A lot of rangers will also try to educate their guests not only about the wildlife, but also about the many different plants that are found in the African bush.

A very popular bush to stop by and talk about is the Magic Guarri bush, or to give it is proper name – Euclea divinorum.

As you may have already guessed from the Latin name, one of the most well known properties of this bush is that it can be used to divine water … don’t ask me how, but if you take a stem off the bush, it will quiver when it gets near a water source. A very handy thing to know if you are ever lost in the bush without water.

And once you have found the water, well, there is nothing nicer than a quick clean of your teeth (providing you have toothpaste of course) to make you feel 100% better. Again, take your now used divining stem, peel back the bark, and the fibrous insides work wonders as a toothbrush.

One final use … if there is a bush fire and you can’t move to find the water needed to put the fire out … well, a cluster of Magic Guarri stems together act as excellent fire beater.

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