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Travel Butlers Trivia 3

Tracey Campbell - August 29, 2010

The marula tree … the subject of so many UTube videos, showing elephants and monkeys feasting on the little green fruit that it drops, and then appearing completely intoxicated.

Unfortunately, this is just a myth … whilst the videos are immensely amusing to watch, they are actually just the by-product of some clever editing.

The green fruit are actually completely harmless to animals, and it is not actually chemically possible for the fruit to contain alcohol … it is only the processing afterwards that turns the fruit into the delicious, creamy Amarula liqueur.

And, did you know that the marula tree can be either male or female, and it is only the female tree that has the fruit ?

So next time you are out on a game drive in the African bush, you can amaze your fellow guests with your outstanding knowledge about marula trees. And on the subject of game drives … when you stop for your morning coffee break ask for a shot of Amarula in with your coffee or hot chocolate … it is simply delicious !!!

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