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Travel Butlers Trivia 2

Tracey Campbell - August 22, 2010

The male Black Breasted Korhaan (or Choir Bird as it is also known as) has a truly bizarre mating ritual / dance designed to 100% impress the ladies.

Firstly, he will call loudly to entice a female to come nearer. When she is close enough to fully observe, he launches himself high into the sky (as they tend to favour open grasslands there is no danger of him colliding with an overhanging tree branch thankfully). He then literally plummets down towards the ground, almost as if he has forgotten how to flap his wings and fly … and at the very last minute will ‘break’ using his wings to stop an embarrassing crash landing in front of his new lady friend.

It is a very fine judgement, and the male has to work it just right … using his wings too early will mean the female will think he is weak and not a good mate … using his wings too late and he is no good for anything really.

Makes being asked out for a drink and dinner pretty boring really ….

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