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Big Wheel in Cape Town

Tracey Campbell - April 23, 2010

When people think of the famous London skyline now, they invariably picture the London Eye too. Since it opened in 1999, the London Eye has become one of THE most visited tourist attractions in our capital.

Many other cities across the world now have their own version of the wheel, and Cape Town are about to join this group.

Their wheel is due to be open in June, in readiness for the onslaught of tourists over the World Cup.

The wheel is 50m in diameter, and will be erected at the V&A Waterfront. There will be 36 enclosed air-conditioned capsules which will each hold 8 people.

The wheel will run daily from 10 am until 10 pm, and at night will be lit up with 2 million LED lights.

Each ride will last about 15-20 minutes, and will cost about R70 per person. There will also be various deals for families or for taking a private capsule.

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