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Rissington Inn Spice Up Their Menu

Tracey Campbell - February 15, 2010

Many people ask us when we book their holiday ‘I am a vegetarian … will I be OK and be able to eat things?’.

It is our policy to always find this out, and inform the properties beforehand, but staff at Rissington Inn have gone one step further to make sure vegetarians are truly welcomed.

They have just added a number of new veggie options to their already extensive and mouth-watering menu. Vegetarians (and meat-eaters alike) can try the delicious Yoghurt-coated Paneer Cheese Curry, or the colourful Two-Tone Red and Yellow Pepper Soup, the rich and tasty White Wine and Mushroom Cheese Tart with a Tomato Concasse, or the Fresh Asparagus and Green Bean Stir Fry with Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms and a mild Chilli Peanut Sauce.

And the ‘normal’ vegetable dishes have even been given a facelift, including the rice, which now comes adorned with the addition of pine nuts (don’t forget to let us know if you have a nut allergy though !!) and fresh herbs.

Rissington’s herb garden is in full flourish, so guests here can expect even greater things from the on-site restaurant. And while there is currently special emphasis on adding to the number of vegetarian dishes, don’t forget the fabulous lamb and chicken curries, the venison stew and the best steak fillet in SA.

Rissington really do pride themselves on their ability to cater to all tastes, so it’s not only the vegetarians who benefit, but also those with allergies to just about anything – they have catered for ovo-lacto, gluten-intolerant and cheese-allergic, and even a fruit-allergic guest recently !

So sit back, and enjoy the food !

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