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Combining Cape Town with an African Safari

Paul Campbell - January 3, 2008

With Cape Town, Kruger and much of South Africa basking in temperatures around 30°C as the UK endures it’s first really cold snap of the winter, more and more people are starting to plan their winter holiday or look ahead to a summer safari.

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is “what is the best way of combining Cape Town (one of the world’s most beatiful cities) with a safari?”

Unfortunately,  there are not any worthwhile safari lodges within a couple of hours drive of Cape Town, and most visitors either choose to spend a few days driving along the scenic Garden Route coastline and then onwards towards the safari lodges near Port Elizabeth, or else take a direct flight from Cape Town to Kruger, KwaZulu-Natal, Johannesburg, or Port Elizabeth and go to a lodge in one of those areas.

There are a number of European or North American style safari parks nearer Cape Town, but these tend to be very sterile and tame, and overseas visitors may find them rather disappointing. If you have the opportunity it is well worth making the effort to visit one of the National Parks or private game reserves elsewhere in South Africa or the neighbouring countries.

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