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Additional Information For FedAir Flights

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Check in Procedures, Baggage Allowance, Storing Extra Luggage

Baggage Limitations

All passengers travelling on a FedAir flight are entitled to one piece of free checked luggage and one small carry on item. Due to the nature of the environment that the flights operate in, the aircraft are, generally speaking, smaller than a typical airline. As a result, the aircraft have much smaller luggage holds which results in weight and size limitations. The FedAir luggage specifications are as follows:

SOFT (top and 4 x sides) luggage/duffel bags with ONE flat (base) side are allowed (with the bag top and sides being made of pliable material such as cotton or canvas - small wheels on the base are permitted but any handles must be folded down)

MAXIMUM luggage weight is 20 kg (44 lbs) in the hold - maximum size 40cm/16 inches wide x 30cm/12 inches high x 60cm/24 inches long

MAXIMUM hand luggage is 5 kg (11 lbs) - one soft piece per person allowed with one flat side only


Should your luggage be unsuitable, you will be asked to repack your luggage into a soft-sided bags which can be purchased at the FedAir Lounge at an additional cost.

Should your luggage exceed the above limitations, it will NOT be loaded onto the aircraft. FedAir do provide a complimentary luggage storage facility however, providing that you are returning to Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport. Excess luggage remains the responsibility of the passenger at all times.

Oversized luggage cannot be carried on your lap in the aircraft. Your safety is the first priority and unsecured objects inside the cabin are hazardous. To accommodate additional luggage, you will need to book and pay for an additional seat in advance of your FedAir flight. It may not be an available option on the day of departure if this has not been pre-booked. The extra seat will allow for an extra 60 kg of luggage allowance. Any additional luggage must still meet the baggage policy described above.

Check In Procedure at Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport

Please note that FedAir have strict meeting times that must be adhered to in order for passengers to make Federal Airline flights.  If passengers wish to deviate from these times it will be at the passenger’s own risk, and FedAir will not be held responsible for any flights missed - inbound or outbound.

Passengers are required to check in at least one hour prior to the FedAir flight departure time at either the FedAir Kiosk OR at the FedAir Departure Lounge. The FedAir Kiosk is located at the Bus Terminal of Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport behind the InterContinental Hotel, and the Departure Lounge is located at FedAir’s Private Hangar in Bonaero Park.

If you check in at the FedAir Kiosk, a shuttle will then transfer you to the FedAir Departure Lounge, which is a 10 minute drive from the main airport terminal. The operating hours of the FedAir Kiosk are from 08:00 until 12:30 7 days a week.

Connecting from a Domestic or International Arrival

FedAir provides a complimentary Meet & Greet service at OR Tambo International Airport. Guests arriving off another flight will be met in the Arrivals area of the Domestic or International Hall. A Guest Relations Representative will be waiting with a FedAir signboard with your name clearly displayed on the front for easy identification. You will then be transferred to the FedAir Departure Lounge.

If you are arriving on a domestic flight, the Guest Relations Representative will wait one hour after the actual arrival time of the flight before calling your Travel Butlers consultant to follow up on your whereabouts, before leaving the airport terminal. If you are arriving on an international flight, the Guest Relations Representative will wait 90 minutes after the scheduled arrival time before calling your Travel Butlers consultant to follow up on your whereabouts, before leaving the airport terminal.

In case of any problems, the Guest Relations Contact Details are +27 (0) 83 611 2988 or +27 (0) 11 395 9000.

Arriving Back into Johannesburg

When you arrive back to Johannesburg after your safari, FedAir will transfer you back to the main airport terminal and drop you directly outside either the International Domestic or International Departure Terminal, or the Airport InterContinental Hotel.

FedAir Departure Lounge

FedAir are pleased to welcome all passengers to their departure lounge, which has the following facilities for all departing and arriving passengers.

  • Complimentary flavoured teas, speciality coffees, hot chocolate, soft drinks, fruit juice and homemade biscuits.
  • Complimentary fresh sandwiches, fruit and snacks.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Boutique shopping experience.
  • Complimentary shower facilities.
  • Complimentary baggage storage facilities between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00, offered on a return flight basis.
  • Private garden to enjoy while you are waiting for your flight to depart.

Flight Times

Please note that all flight departure and arrival times are approximate and as FedAir is a non-schedule shuttle the times may vary by about 45 minutes either way.