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Mumbo Island Camp

Mumbo Island Camp

Lake Malawi

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Mumbo Island Camp is located on a pristine and otherwise-deserted tropical island floating on the blue waters of Lake Malawi National Park at the southern end of the Lake. It is the world's first freshwater national park, and World Heritage Site, home to hundreds of fish species.

Often considered the best freshwater diving and snorkelling location on the planet, its deep, warm waters are so clear that it feels like you're swimming in an aquarium. Whether you choose this destination as a place of active adventure or a place to unwind, there is something for everyone.

The protected waters of the National Park also make kayaking anyone's choice, irrespective of fitness or experience. The two-person kayaks are large and stable, and guides are available to assist beginners and to accompany guests if they wish.

In addition, there are 5 nature trails that weave their way through the massive granite boulders that cover the island, which is heavily wooded, hosting baobab and several species of ficus, sterculia, khaya, albizia and brachystegia. The trails are clearly marked, meandering along sandy paths in the dappled shade of the trees, and can be done without a guide.

There are 6 twin tents perched on rocks high above the water and shaded by lush foliage. Of these, a twin tented family unit is tucked away in the forest on the edge of the beach.

Each tent has a bucket shower, an 'eco-loo' and a shaded viewing deck and hammock.

The main guest area consists of a bar, dining area and a water sports gazebo.

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