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When to Go to Seychelles

When to Go to Seychelles

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Three distinct seasons

Seychelles are generally thought to be a perfect all-year-round beach and holiday destination. Temperatures remain constant throughout the year and range between 24 and 31 degrees Celsius throughout the year (75 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit).

The islands have two seasonal trade winds, however, which hit the islands every year. 

The North-West Trade Wind

This blows in between December and April. Generally, this brings weather that is wetter and hotter than the other months, but still a pleasant time for a holiday to Seychelles. January and February are the wettest months - however the rain tends to come in short tropical downpours that last just a hour or so, after which the sun is out again in full force.

As a general rule, the south-eastern parts of any of the islands during these months will enjoy calmer seas than those affected by the north-westerly winds – this is something to consider when booking your accommodation.

The South-East Trade Wind

This happens from May to November. During these months, the temperatures are generally cooler and there is less rainfall. The seas can be rougher during this time however, so if you suffer from sea-sickness you may be advised to fly between Mahe and Praslin, for example, rather than take the ferry crossing.

Again, as a general rule the north-western parts of any of the islands will enjoy calmer seas than those affected by the south-easterly winds.

This trade wind can also bring seaweed onto some beaches across Seychelles - many of the hotels during this time will rake the beaches clean every morning so as not to spoil the guests enjoyment of the white sands if heading to a beach sun lounger.

Having said all this, April/May and October/November are probably the best months to head to Seychelles - this is really the 'inbetween' time of the trade winds - so right at the end of one and the start of the other.  Both hot and dry, you can expect wonderfully warm and sunny days throughout your holiday. If you are into diving or snorkelling, then the superb clear visiblity will give you endless encounters with the beautiful tropical fish and colourful coral reefs that lie in the Indian Ocean depths.

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