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Rivertrees Country Inn

Rivertrees Country Inn


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Set in Northern Tanzania just outside the bustling safari town of Arusha, Rivertrees looks out toward Mount Kilimanjaro, and is perfectly situated for exploring the abundant nature reserves that this region is home to. The inn is a charming country estate that was once an old coffee farm, and still retains the nostalgic air of a well-loved homestead. The grounds, a sprawling 10 acres of fertile greenery, are a natural extension of Mount Meru’s sloping foothills, and offer a sanctuary for the birds and wildlife indigenous to the area.

The restaurant concocts tasty meals of garden-fresh ingredients and old family recipes, as well as oven-fired pizzas and the best of the region’s locally grown coffees. Delicious candle-lit dinners are served by the warmth of the fireplace, or under the stars and the watchful eyes of resident owls.

The outdoor massage banda welcomes in the sighing sound of the river, soothing the senses as a talented therapist eases away the weariness of a long journey. Round off the experience with a deep soak among rose petals in a custom-made tub, and return to the world completely refreshed and rejuvenated, and ready for the adventures ahead.

The River House is well suited to those with discerning taste, and who value secluded space and exclusivity. Two ample bedrooms and a lavish living room can comfortably host a group of 4, while the wrap-around veranda and its river views offer a peaceful setting for repose. Snugly set in forested thickets and perched high on the riverbank, 2 spacious River Cottages are designed to complement the privacy and seclusion of their natural element. A terrace opening onto the forest and the outdoor rain showers invite inhabitants to soak in the beauty of their surrounds, and to appreciate the wildlife animating the canopy overhead.

The Farm House was the heart of the coffee estate before it first became a B&B, and still retains the air of a much-loved home, adorned with family antiques and old portraits on its walls. Containing 4 en-suite rooms, each with its own entrance, the house can comfortably accommodate families or groups of up to 10, with plenty of space for lounging on its vast veranda or curling up in front of the fireplace.

The delightful Garden Rooms are each uniquely and tastefully furnished, and yield views across acres of lush lawns from the shelter of fertile foliage. Several are adjoined for families and friends, while others offer couples the exclusivity and romance of their own private space.

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